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Poison Ivy ???


Where'd she go???? Anybody know? It seems that since Lux passed, she's been done with the music biz, which I certainly hope is not so.


A great Gretsch gal, for sure.


Buddhist retreat, more interested in spiritual things apparently. And wishes to be left alone apparently. Guess we should respect that of course. All part of the mysterious legend of the Cramps


I wondered the same thing myself. Makes sense since her entire career was with her husband, and I can't see her trying to fit into another band; they had their own thing going on


She's is probably done with it all. Gretsch offered a tribute model but there was no response and that seems final.


About time for a Poison Ivy Special Edition. I’d be standing in line for one as well. Fits in with my eclectic taste in music. From Celtic Ballads to Rockabilly and everything in between.


I missed a mention of a Tribute model. Tell me more.


Shes looking for some new kind of Kick


She influenced alot of people to get going and make music,seems odd to not see her around doing something musically since it was a very huge part of her life.

Whatever She's doing I wish her the best and I hope that one day she will get the recognition she is due for the Great tunes her and Lux put out.

Those guitar riffs Man,,,


I believe Kristy Wallace is fine not performing without her husband. She turned 65 this last Feb. https://media.gettyimages.c...


Hey, she's playing a modern Gretsch; I guess the '58 is home. There's your endorsement....


The last time I saw the Cramps she was playing one of those smaller bodied 6120Jr models.

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