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Phil Emmanuel Has Passed Away


Too sad... Condolences to all who knew him.


Terrible to loose 2 family members in a month.


Sincere condolences to the family on this tragic loss. And only a few weeks ago, a sister too. I’ve watched Phil on YouTube many times and have attended a number of Tommy’s master classes. During those sessions I felt I was being tought not only by Tommy, but by Phill too. He will be missed by many. Too soon for such a talent to leave us.


So sorry to hear this. I’m o/s at the moment and haven’t been keeping up with news. Very sad


JW, the audio is muted for some reason. I should have mentioned that. Click the speaker icon on the lower right of the video, and you can bring up the audio.

– Richard Hudson

Thanks Richard. I did look for a speaker icon, (Twice now), with no luck. Could be that the video doesn't like my iMac.


Wound up searching for the video and found a direct link. Audio sure adds a lot. It sounds like the bird enjoyed the duet and it's obvious that Phil enjoyed it.

Phil and Butcher bird


Our loss, Heavens gain.


May Phil rest in peace and hope/wish Tommy stays well in what I know must be a hell of time dealing with this loss. It can take a toll on one's health. My best thoughts and wishes are with Tommy right now.


RIP Phil. I never got to see Phil in person, but Tommy used to come to my town each February for 2-3 nights of concerts and 2 workshops, so I've seen him many times.

There used to be a youtube video of Phil and Tommy playing Buckaroo, I saw it once years ago, but I think someone pulled it, it was out of this world!


Condolences to the family. Rough year.

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