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Paul Pigat DVD tabs needed


Can anyone be so kind and point me the direction of the Paul Pigat DVD lessons' tablature files? Seems the learnrootmusic.com site no longer exists. Or would someone be willing to email me the files for the three DVDs? Thanks in advance


The tab files should be on the DVD. Put them in a DVD drive in a PC and you should be able to navigate to them (they are .pdf files).

If you can't find them, I can email the pdf files for the one I own (Jazzin' Up Your Guitar).


Hey Diggey, the tabs are indeed in the dvds. let me know if there is a problem viewing them


Thanks, I put them in the DVD player and didn't see them as an icon. I'll boot up and try them, thanks and btw Paul, your CDs are really inspiring stuff, please keep rockin'


Many thanks Diggey. if you can't find them, let me know and i will have a look. I'm sure i have the files here somewhere

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