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Paul Pigat - Chicago Music Exchange - live stream


Paul had a Q & A session on Instagram. This was a so called story and they evaporate after 24 hrs. I could not let this happen so I did some mild hack-a-roni and saved it for future generations. Enjoy.


Awesome Geoff!! I am halfway thru but have to break for something to eat. Paul is certainly one of the nicest people I have ever met (he easily reflects that here!) and his talent and playing is really a gift to enjoy.

Thanks for posting and I'll be coming back for the 2nd half and many more times after that!


Glad to see the little red Corvette...!

I hope you two bond.


Glad to see the little red Corvette...!

I hope you two bond.

– Twangmeisternyc

I think he posted the Vette for sale already -- some I am known here for, getting all jazzed on something and then decided pretty fast to move it along. It can happen to anyone.


Thanks Geoff!....I really appreciate your passing this along. And great job Paul for demo-ing a good selection of guitars and styles for everyone! Indoors here in Greater Vancouver with ya'.


It's good stuff! Great to see musicians adapting to the current situation and seeing/hearing stuff played in a way we would probably never hear or see in a normal world. This is something to hold on to even when we're going back to our normal lives.


Great content, big Paul fan, but that really needed to be shot in landscape orientation.


Is that a Tru-arc? Anybody know which one?


Is that a Tru-arc? Anybody know which one?

– ruger9

Aluminum. Always aluminum


That was one of the most entertaining hours I've ever spent. Thanks Geoff for posting.


Great video, tvNks for sharing, always love hearing Paul


Sweet!! This NEEDED to be saved! Thanks for sharing!

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