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Nokie Edwards


Very sad news. Great guitar player and, as with many folks on the GDP and elsewhere, The Ventures formed a major part of the soundtrack of my childhood and my youth. It's lovely to see the photo of Duane and Nokie posted by Deed...and Deed took the photo in this post too. At 2012's VLV I had to ask myself "How in the heck did this ever happen?!!" when I was riding up in a service elevator with Duane and Nokie, carrying Nokie's guitar in my left hand and one of Duane's in my right. I was very glad I got to meet Nokie that weekend. A very nice fellow indeed.


I got to meet Nokie and shake hands with him 3 years ago at CAAS, he was using a scooter to get around that year. I had seen him play for 2-3 years before that and I could tell that he was steadily going down hill...

RIP Nokie...

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