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Nokie Edwards In Hospital


Nokie Edwards is reportedly in the hospital in Japan with congestive heart failure. There were earlier reports that he had a massive heart attack. Another rumor said he had a stroke. Neither is true, according to his wife, Judy. However, Nokie is apparently in serious condition and really needs our prayers. There was also apparently a problem with his pacemaker. Hopefully all of these problems will be taken care of and Nokie will be back in good health. The Ventures have always been popular in Japan, and still are. Nokie still tours in Japan quite often. He was on tour when this happened.

Nokie is one of the smoothest guitar players I have ever heard, bar none. He is a Cherokee from Oklahoma, however he grew up on the west coast. Nokie plays guitar with no additional effects, not even reverb. But his tone is just remarkable, I think.

Here's Nokie...


this just in from SG101

" Nokie did NOT have a heart attack (as has been stated elsewhere). Rather, he is suffering from Congestive Heart Failure (CHF) which caused him to pass out - also his blood oxygen level was very low at the time this occurred. The doctors have been removing fluid from his heart and lungs, plus he is now resting well. Apparently, he also needs another lead wire attached to his pacemaker to ensure correct functioning on the left side of his heart. With the right treatment, he should be fine. As soon as we have any further details, we will post them. Judy will be in touch again with more news. In the meanwhile, we wish Nokie a speedy and full recovery and our thoughts and prayers are with both him and Judy. "


Prayers and MOJO eminating for Nokie!


This is unfortunate and I hope that Nokie has a very speedy recovery. He is one of those readily identifiable players in the history of surf music, much like Dick Dale. We need to hang on to Nokie for as long as we can.


Nokie and I share the same ailment. I pray that Nokie survives this and can regain some strength. Unfortunately, congestive heart failure and COPD don't get better.


Nokie is a real laid back kind of guy. Very low key, but he can really play. Nokie is a good friend and was complimentary of my recording of Walk Don't Run. My daughter in law thinks Nokie hung the moon. She and my son attended the CAAS a few years back with Conchieta and I. Cheryl (my daughter in law) was just star struck from the beginning and was collecting autographs. She was especially smitten by Nokie and bought a CD from him and asked him to sign it, which he graciously did. She was just bubbling and told him, "Why, thank you, Sir." Nokie smiled his half grin that he has and very calmly said, "My name's Nokie." Anyway from that day to this, Nokie is special around our house. My thoughts and prayers are with him for a speedy recovery. Also for Judy, as I know this is very stressful on her too.


A musician's musician.Even though Nokie isn't currently with the Ventures,there was a REALLY nice entry on their website with substantially the same info as on Tavo's post.I too hope Nokie(and Bear!!) can "regain some strength".


God Bless!, Nokie!

One of my favorites!

Saw him a few years ago at the NAMM show(s) and he was remarkable!


I had the great privilege of having witnessed the Ventures open up for Setzer's Xmas show here two years ago. Nokie came out draggin a chair with him and proceeded to rock our socks off. The gorilla knew he was seeing legendary performers.


Nokie is an amazing guitarist. I hope he recovered soon.


Praying for you Nokie and for a speedy recovery. The Ventures were another one of my guitar influences as a young child growing up in the '60s. I have long admired Nokie's playing style and skill on the guitar.


I didn't realize until a few years ago that Nokie was such a good finger style player, he is super smooth. Good thoughts and prayers for him, he is one of my favorites. I saw him up close at CAAS a few years ago, but was too shy to stop and talk with him, I wish now that I had...


saw nokie and deke...short while ago..slowed down but still the essence was there..sublime player..blender of many styles...post modern guitar

& good on deke for his usual good selfless stuff..gettin it together, honorin the greats, surrendering the stage...good man

be well nokie



Nokie and the Ventures changed my life. Plain and simple. One of the greats of our time. Nokie...be well my brother...


I just read on Thom Bresh's facebook page that Nokie is back in ICU in Tokyo. He has suffered another heart attack, but is stable, according to Thom. Last word I had from Judy was that he was much better and trying to get strong enough to fly home.


Praying for him, thanks for letting us know Richard!

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