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No Chance for Gretsch!


Okay, what is the most explosive Tom Petty song? Seriously, my interest is piqued, as a non educated petty-ite

– Chmason85

Explosive? No, you don't get it. Implosive is what stars are.


For years, whenever I’d get a new car stereo the first song I would play to evaluate its poundability was “I Need To Know”. Fast, tight, no build up and it just scratches so many itches. I’d call it explosive.


Well, you decide -


...and LIVE in '78 -


...and as for this thread's cryptic (at best) reference to Gretsch, this endorsement -


I'm a bit strange anyway but this is probably my favorite Petty song.


Quite honestly, his first two albums are still my favorites. Raw, organic, and simple, good rock and roll.

Although I never bailed on my appreciation for Petty, I was not much of a fan of the material released after Southern Accents.

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