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New Tommy Guerrero project


Yeah, he’s generally a Tele player, but I know he’s got some admirers here. Available for pay what you will on Bandcamp. Perfect for Spaghetti Western fans, or anyone who needs relief from the anxiety and claustrophobia of Corona virus.


Super cool. I really enjoy Tommy’s approach. I’m glad I sold a drum machine to him when I was in the Bay Area. Thanks for the head’s up!


He's awesome and the live show is killer with the lighting and movie screen behind. I saw him at the Chapel in SF a couple of years ago and it was hypnotic.


He’s a skateboarder as I remeber ?? Or am I thinking of a different guy?


He’s a skateboarder as I remeber ?? Or am I thinking of a different guy?

– batz

That’s the guy. Bay Area skate legend. Second wave Bones Brigade rider; openers on Future Primitive. If you skated in the ‘80s that, and Natas’ segment in Wheels of Fire are seared into your memory. Founder of Real Skateboards and Deluxe Distribution. Still hosts a skate video podcast called BS with TG.

There was a wave of skaters who had second acts as musicians - Matt Costas, Matt Hensley (with Flogging Molly), Ray Barbee, and Adrian Demain. If you dig Tommy’s stuff, you will likely also like Ray Barbee. They collaborated on the BLKTOP Project. Adrian Demain is a legit jazzer, which as my grandad used to say, “That and fifty cents will buy you a cup of coffee.” Seek him out on YouTube. He has a honky tonk band called Brawley and a ukelele band called The Cheap Leis that does some amazing punk and New Wave covers.

TG’s touring rounds seem to range from SF to San Diego. I caught him a few years ago up here in Portland. His little brother lives in walking distance of my work. I see him going for coffee or getting a beer at the corner dive bar all the time, well at least before COVID. I have converted all of my co-workers into fans. Tommy, if you’re reading I can guarantee at least eight at your next show in town.

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