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New Temples single!



I have tried before with no response to hype these guys as up and coming Gretsch users. I'm gonna try one more time before I dismiss you all as stuck in the Chet/ Cliff/ Duane past. Not that it's a bad place, it's just limited. Saw them last fall and their lead switched from an Annie to a Tennie to a Falcon depending on the song. They're as solid live as they are on record. The new album hits March 3, I'll get a sneak peek when they come to town on February 24!


I've been playing their debut Sun Structures quite a bit but after one quick listen this new track didn't really grab me anywhere. I'll try again later.

Thanks for the heads up, I'll be checking out the new album when it arrives


I like it! I also like how their bass player explains what the song is about.

"We're continually inundated with pressure in modern life to have to make something of ourselves and leave behind a legacy in this world," explains bassist Tom Warmsley regarding the song's inspiration. "'Strange Or Be Forgotten' is our way of questioning the necessity of having to be all so individual and unique—when really it's our true selves that should be celebrated."

Also, you don't have to dismiss anyone as being stuck in the past. It's OK to like old music and new music which will one day turn old. Good music is timeless.

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