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New Stray Cats Album


Haven't had a chance to download it yet, can't wait to hear it!


My CD is Out For Delivery! Fools better show up before I leave work!


Got mine with the coasters, stickers & postcard.


Checked it out earlier today.

As with any new full-length album, some of the cuts are stellar, others not so much. As a fan of Lee Rocker's voice I liked hearing him singing on one of the cuts. Guitar work is amazing, as expected.

The instrumental "Desperado" was a real treat.


I dig the tune "Cry Danger" a bunch. Cool riff. Cool cymbal work.


I dig the tune "Cry Danger" a bunch. Cool riff. Cool cymbal work.

– Tortoise_Tweed

It's a cool riff but unfortunately copied 1to1 from its own back catalogue


Cry Danger is cool,I prefer Aztec myself,but i like The Knife album.

I'll have to order the new album ,i'd buy anything Brian releases.


Great CD! This is all some of the best stuff here! Pure tone, and great talent!


It's a cool riff but unfortunately copied 1to1 from its own back catalogue

– blueflame

Like, zoinks, Scoob! Guess I don’t know his back catalogue very well.


I like the songs others above have pointed out. Lyrics are clever.

However, this album is a bit heavy on the 'member berries' in the form of recycled, recognizable existing riffs, licks and runs that are put in every track. But maybe that was the whole idea of this album; getting you in the nostalgia bone.


I still need to get it. I expect some "nostalgia"... to be honest, I was always more of a BSO fan than SC. The SC to me was BUILT on "retro" "novelty" "nostalgia", where I feel like the BSO, even tho it's big band swing from the 30s-40s, added a different element being lead by a rocking guitar, and Brian achieved something different there.

I expect this to likely be the "farewell" from the 'Cats.... I hope Brian isn't done tho. I LOVE the BSO, but even they are getting long in the tooth.... what I would LOVE is a jazz album from Brian. He's got the chops, he's got the knowledge, I think it would be so cool to hear him do an album like that. And not just standards- meaning not "Harry Connick Jr with a guitar" (because alot of the BSO is like that), I mean something like Kenny Burrell.... Wes Montgomery... Charlie Christian.... THAT kind of jazz record.


I got my cd and had the chance to listen it. Overall it's a nice album although it could do without the recycled riffs. Those riffs are fun when played live and just thrown in there, not so much as part of the original recording of the new songs. Cry Danger is a very cool song and I recognized that riff but I couldn't recall where I heard it before (thanks Blueflame for clearing that up). That song is pleasantly different.

I like the sound of the album, and ofcourse the guitars sound great. I just think it's a step back from their previous album 'Choo Choo Hot Fish'. I would have really liked it if they evolved from there.

I hope they play a lot of these new songs live when I go see them in Amsterdam in July.


Bought it, played it. I like it, We’ll see if it grows on me. Hard to come up with riffs that are totally new, yet fit the genre. Cats did a good job on this one


Listened to it online cause the vinyl didnt arrived yet. I think the album covers genre stylings and song designs of past stray Cats records all in one. The songs reach fom "debut album style" to "Choo Choo hot fish" Thank god not further because "Lets Go faster" was meh...

I'm in too for a solo jazz record by Brian. Hepcat gets the Blues was an awesome track

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