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Pause and give thought to the passing of one of guitardoms finest artists, Mike Auldridge.

He died just a couple of days ago from a long bout with cancer.

He is one of the few musicians to have a tremendous impact on his chosen instrument, in his case it was the Dobro. He took it out of the "hillbilly" genre and brought it "uptown"

Fabulous touch and tone...

Absolutely one of the Best...


Absolutely.... A hero of mine since the '70s. Saw him a couple of times at the Birchmere, during trips to DC in the '90s. A fine gentleman, and one very awesome musician. He will be missed, but his music will live on!


my apologies I missed the other post on Mike.

I feel better. I hadn't seen it and I thought, "How callus for the folks not to note the passing of such a remarkable player.


Norm, I posted this in the other thread in hopes that you would see it there:

Norm, I was just watching a video of Mike playing a bit. He had his guitar tuned to an open major chord, yet he was playing minor chords on it when he would play up the neck. How did he do that?


He usually does the standard gbdgbd but sometimes he dropped the low sixth string to an e

This allowed for minor chords Gregg Booth does this too


Used to see The Seldom Scene on a regular basis. Mike was always a pleasure to watch and to listen to. Amazing timing.


Mike had taste, that wondorous, unteachable quality for making music love itself.

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