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McGuinn and Hillman to tour with Marty Stuart …


and the Fabulous Superlatives. Tour Announcement

So far, 5 dates have been announced. I'm sure that there will be more.

They aren't billing it as the Byrds, probably in deference to Roger's agreement with David Crosby not to play as the Byrds without him. They are also billing this as a tour supporting the 50th anniversary of Sweetheart of the Rodeo so there is no sense in including Crosby. Probably deliberate that way.

I saw McGuinn a couple of years ago and while I enjoyed it, he really needed other singers with him. This should be a great tour and I would love to have it come to Phoenix.


3 of my favorite people. You know I'll be there.


This would be a great show to see. My only concern is that Marty Stuart might take too small of a role in the show. But, I get it completely that his band is there to be the backing band for Hillman and McGuinn.


Very cool! Thanks for posting !


not to worry bob, sure marty will be happily busy playing all those classic clarence white licks!

sounds like a historic show!!



That would be a cool show to see! Hope they add some dates near my new neck of the woods.


Looks like a good show.


Saw Roger do "My Back Pages" when he guested on Marty's show.It was both fabulous AND superlative.This tour oughta be a treat!


That's worth a trip to Akron.


I sure hope this tour comes around to my neck of the woods..

And might be worth it for a drive - if this tour gets anywhere close..


@Proteus- Tim, maybe we could carpool to Akron! Let me know!


I’ve seen Roger a few times. It’s hard to tell listening to the Pretty Boy Floyd video above, but his Martin 7 string (double G) is a fantastic guitar. He calls it his Swiss Army Knife. It gives something of the tone of a 12 string while still allowing for easy string bending. I’ll bet this will be a good show.


I saw Roger 20 some years ago at a local folk festival. He solo played "8 Miles High," on that 12 string Ric in such a phenomenal way,,,,,,thinking of it still makes my head spin. (I have many old school film photos of him at the event.)


Twom, I bet we could at that. As time gets close, we should remind ourselves.


Last night in Nashville...Roger McGuinn and Chris Hillman join Marty and his Fabulous Superlatives at his Midnite Jam.


Didn’t go this year. It’s not called the Midnite Jam for nothin'! Last time Duane did it, we're talkin' 1 ay em in the morning before he and Dan Auerbach hit the stage. It’s a fun night, full of surprises. Duane’s manager a few years ago could not get over (and still is not over) seeing Dolly Parton walk by him backstage at The Ryman.

Anyhoo.. here is the rundown for the show last night.


Pretty nifty program. I'd go if that was playing at our local dancehall.

If we still had one.

We got Karaoke nights, though!

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