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marshall crenshaw on a sparkle jet —


Groovy. An old one with a Burnes.


Not only that, but if you could see it in color, you'd see that it's one of the rarest Sparkle Jet ever...the Purple/Burgundy Sparkle Jet!


Marshall Crenshaw is one of my all time favorites. That's a killer sparkle Jet. Have seen him live many times and he usually is playing a cool vintage guitar (except for a period where he was using/endorsing PRS). I do recall seeing him in Philly back in the 80's with a really nice single cut Jet (don't remember if it had Dynas or Filters). However, the guitar I recall seeing him play most live was a vintage all gold Strat. Crenshaw had a big collection of vintage guitars but I think I read somewhere that he sold off quite a few some years ago.

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