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Ltd Ed. Chet Atkins vinyl planned for Record Store Day Black Friday…



CHET ATKINS Guitar Blues / Brown Eyes A Cryin' In The Rain

Originally released on 78 in 1946 on Nashville's Bullet Records, this is the first ever vinyl reissue of Chet's very first release! Packaged in an envelope style picture sleeve with liner notes by Chet historian Pat Kirtley. Limited edition blue vinyl!



Wow, young Chet is almost unrecognisable on the sleeve. What was he, 21 or 22?


He was born in 1924 so I'm guessing the pic is 21/22.


I thought I'd seen that photo before. It's on p22 of the "Chet Atkins - Me and My Guitars" book, and was taken in 1943 when Chet was nineteen.

Apparently, the Martin archtop in the photo was loaned to him by his brother Lowell, because at that early stage Chet couldn't afford a decent guitar.


I'd like to add that reissue to my collection. They used a similar pose pic of Chet when he was a bit older for his first LP, a 10" titled Gallopin' Guitar. This would be a nice companion recording to reissue, don't you think? You'll notice my copy is autographed. Chet kindly did this for me in '94 and used gold ink.

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