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Link Wray’s ‘Summer Dream’


I'm loving this song and just starting trying to pick some of it. Any body know of a tab for it? Also, who is written by, him?


Oh man. I had the whole thing worked out at one point. If I have a minute, I'll revisit it... I seem to remember it having a lot of three-string chords on the D, G, and B strings in G#, all in the vicinity of the 11th-15th frets. You can get away with just playing octaves, though. Harmonic minor scale, i.e., the third is minor, but the 7 is major... It's credited to Link and a "W. Constantine", but I think it's stolen from somewhere else. A very pretty but aggressive tune, one of my all-time faves.


Hey seadevil, nice guitar in your avatar. Tomorrow I'll hopefully be getting one just like that in the mail. Ah, less than 24 hours.... I think some times the harmonic minor scale is implied when that flat of the root note is played (like a b7 whole playing e minor blues) but I don't hear Link fooling around in that territory like that Dick Dale fella does. But I am hearing a lot of cool chromatic passing notes up and down and maybe some augmented chords. I'll try and pick at it again some more. If I remember correctly Bflat C and F and some G are in there, but that interpretation might be suited for the drunk thread.


Here's my best effort. Chords are in red above the notes of the melody.


That last Bb can be a 7th, btw. Sorry for the lack of timing notation, but I thought it would only confuse... Notes are grouped together by phrase.

In the "nasty" section of the main melody, just use a movable rootless major 7th chord shape in place of the notes (i.e., 12-11-12 on the D, G, and B for a G). Sounds mean but jazzy.


Oh yeah. Octaves pretty much throughout. Kind of goes without saying, but I thought I'd say it anyway.


Looking good, just glanced and played a little of what you've written. BTW I'm just sitting down to my newly restrung, new to me, 2004 6120w-'57 that I bought from GDP mensch TMayes. Good times... Thanks for the tab!! Beautiful song, eh?

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