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Just watching Nico Duportal in a small club in Cologne


A small club in the center of the student party center and hardly 30 people here. But great sound and a still enthusiastic crowd. You have to support good music everywhere you can


Nice! Museum?

– Nick45

Yes, Museum is the name of the club. The horns (Tenor, Baritone) and the keyboard player are adding to the diverse sound. And Nico knows how to make that guitar sound good.


Wish Ihe would play in the US,love his playing!


Great band, nice guys, happy to call Nico and the guys friends.


Nico has been a great friend for sometime, and I'm grateful for Tommy Harkenrider bringin him over to the jump blues crowd here in so cal. Everything about this cat is tops! I dont think he tries, but his style and spirit are an inspiration and instantly seen in his playing, singing and subtle charisma.

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