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Johnathan Stout


He is fun to watch play guitar. The modern day take on Charlie Christian. I enjoy his playing. Any of you a fan too?


Yes,real old school done right. Glad someone is keeping that particular torch lit.


Yeah, Jonathan's cool. I was at a dance clinic last weekend and he had three different bands playing, each on a different night, one a re-creation of the Benny Goodman Sextet, one a full-on orchestra, and one a Django-esque gypsy jazz band. He is incredibly dedicated to getting the style, the tone, the feel, hell, even the charts, true to the way they were played back then. And chops. Yeah, he's got those, too. Check out his blog at https://www.campusfive.com/... . And if you're in L.A., look up his web site and see where he's playing, he's always got a gig somewhere. And if you want to talk guitar geekery of the swing era, he'll happily oblige.


I have the occasional interaction with him on FB. Extremely knowledgeable and a fine player.


I had an old Hohner Melodica as a kid, memorized alot of songs on that thing. Moonlight Serenade,Besame Mucho,New York New York etc.

Brings back some good memories.

Ive seen Jonathan locally, makes you feel like you went back in time,and He makes it look real easy. Great guitarist .


He sat in with us one night on a dance gig, great player.


Been following him on Jazz Guitar Forum for years. If you want to talk old archtops, old Gibson amps, Charlie Christian, and anything else from the big band swing era, he's your man.

He has done alot of "decoding" (reverse engineering) the whole Charlie Christian tone, right down to his strings. Not alot of firm data on CC, he wasn't with us very long. Stout has an essay on what strings CC likely used (hint: they ain't flats), and he did a video of how CC likely got his tone from turning the EH amps all the way up and controlling everything from the guitar. We've got Pigat, Harkenrider, and alot of others (incredible players all!), but I've never seen anyone zero in on CC like Stout has.


Thank's for the video Polecats. I hadn't heard of him.


+1 on the blog, well worth checking out for those of you that may be new to this very talented fellow.


+1 on the blog, well worth checking out for those of you that may be new to this very talented fellow.

– Lacking Talent

Thank's for the prompt to check out the blog LT. I had skipped over it in Frank's post and hadn't thought to go back to it.

The blog is a veritable fount of info.


He even named his kid Charlie Frederick (Stout) after Charlie Christian and Freddie Green. Gotta love that.


Thanks Polecat for awakening the admiration of a player I have not heard in a while. I love this and could listen to him all day. The style of playing and tone is really inspirational. I think it would help my playing if I spent more time listening to this.....throw in some more jump blues like Lonnie Johnson too.

Thanks again for posting!


I love his playing and he has been very generous with sharing through his blog.


NJ glad to have posted it and got you thinking about his music again!

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