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Joe Walsh - Ananolg Man, First solo album in 20 years!


Im a huge Joe Walsh fan, when this was a rumour years ago i got excited!

Sneak Peak at the title track, Analog Man!

Joe Walsh - Ananolg Man

Sounds pretty awsome to me! Sounds just like vintage Joe!

With brother in law Ringo on drums!


Uck, I hope there are better tracks on the album. I like Joe.


I love Joe Walsh, but when I hear his voice now it sounds like it should be shouting 'GET OFF MY LAWN!'


I loved Joe's work with the Eagles...Hotel California solo was wonderful!.....But this sounds really bad to me. :(


Great to hear Jeff Lynne out & about again, and these guitar sounds are fantastic. Looking forward to hearing the whole thing.


Classic Joe - He never has had the prettiest voice but it all seems to work! Nice licks too.


I agree with Mark -- this sounds pretty much like classic Joe Walsh. I don't particularly like the subject of the song (complaining about the digital world in which we live), but the sound of the song is prototypical Joe.

Good guitar tones, lots of vocal delay, Joe's back.


Sounds a lot like Joe has always sounded. Not the greatest voice, but I like it. Killer guitars. Smart-ass lyrics.

Analog Man was better than Van Halen's shitty Tattoo.


I'll take any Joe I can get. Been a fan since 1969 when I first saw The James Gang. They only had one album out at the time and did lots of covers. He used a 50 watt Marshall 1/2 stack, with a Vibrolux between the head and the cab, an Echoplex, and a wah. His guitar was a 50`s Goldtop LP with a peace symbol sticker and they used a Shure Vocal Master pa.


Joe Walsh rules and Ringo is the greatest! I love his guitar tone and Ringo is laying it down fat and smooth like he always does. The lyrics are OK but whatever, the song sounds like classic Joe Walsh.


Joe Walsh is about the only rock guitarist that I like, but he is really weak in the vocals department in my opinion.


I was pleasantly surprised myself. Nice summertime Joe tune for 2012!


Yeah, it was the subject matter, for me. Everything else sounded good. I like his voice. It's not pretty but it has character & has worked well with a lot of his material. I'm not a big fan of the Eagles with Joe, but I like his James Gang stuff a lot. The Eagles really lost it when they started changing the lineup. They were great as a country/rock band.


Haha some Joe love!

Yes he doesnt have the most refined singing voice.. Never has. Barnstorm is probly some of my favourite of his work. Coming Down is a real stand out song.

I like it like that (his voice). His playing on the other hand is just awsome, always has been! From the James Gang to the Eagles.

I saw the Eagles 'Long Road out of Eden' December year before last. His playing was spot on, his showmaship is still the same also. Duck Walking across the stage!


I've always liked Joe. I'm soooooooo old, I remember (somewhat) seeing the Eagles on the Hotel California Tour.

"Big Show", and it was outstanding. It was also only the second show that Timothy B was on bass.

It's easy to "rate" music, or a musician, but to capture the time and music is special.

One of my favorite "Joe" songs is "Just an Ordinary, Average Guy".

It makes me smile and laugh.


Theres very few song of Joe's i dont like.

Ordinary Average guys is great, just a great un-serious song! There somthing about him, he has is own distinct style. Im a big fan! :D

I look forward to the whole album!


I've always liked Joe. I'm soooooooo old, I remember (somewhat) seeing the Eagles on the Hotel California Tour. "Big Show", and it was outstanding. It was also only the second show that Timothy B was on bass. -- J(ust an old Cowboy)D

Geez. What does that make me then? I first saw the Eagles in about 1974 or 1975 when they only had one or perhaps two albums out. Randy Meisner was still playing bass and Bernie Leadon on guitar. It was a typical Southern California concert bill...Jackson Browne opened for Linda Ronstadt, who was followed by the Eagles.


Ordinary Average Guy is good, and especially "ILBT". That song is just hilarious, and makes me smile every time I play it. :P


It certainly hits the mark as typical Walsh in the lyric content/attitude, the guitar style, and the use of keyboards to texture the sound. But those drums and the overall production just scream 80s to me. I would never have picked it was Ringo by just listening to it. As for Jeff, "Don't Bring Me Down".... ;-)


Found this photo on Facebook. Wonder if the rest of The James Gang is joining him on his new album or if they`re working on something else. hmm


How do you get a photo to upload these days?


Thanks for the update jaycemumford, and best wishes to Joe and family, he is a good guy.

Mike_Martin you used to need need a photo hosting entity like Photobucket to post a pic. Click on the camera icon (to the left of the emoticons at the top of the add post window) and cut and paste the direct link to your Photobucket picture there and it should work. There's a thread explaining it somewhere around here, if you do a search you will Shirley find it. If all else fails, Bear can explain it. He has delivered many from that madness - Thanks Bear!

My favorite Joe song is Meadows, and since I cannot seem to embed the video here's the link..Meadows


Joe has always been one of my favorites. I saw him on his first solo tour right after he left James Gang, he rocked then and he rocks now. He was one of the first rock stars to use the Voice Box (Rocky Mountain Way) that Frampton later became famous for. I was there at the front of the stage at age 14 when I watched him do it live. That was something I will never forget. His voice is very peculiar, it's an acquired taste. Sort of like Neil Young is. You either love it or hate it. I just happen to love it.

Damn it's good to hear him again. Can't wait to get this. :D

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