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James Burton’s son


Tim, please remove if already posted or deemed in poor taste.

This is so sad.

James posted the following on Facebook in the early hours of Sunday.

The loss of a son or daughter is unimaginable.

I am sure many here would like to add their condolences either below or on James’s FB page.

“Our wonderful, talented, loving son, father, and brother, Jeffrey Scott Burton, went on to heaven today. He will be greatly missed.

We want to thank all of our friends around the world that have had him in their prayers during this journey.

In lieu of flowers, a donation may be made to The James Burton Foundation in his honor. http://www.jamesburtonfound...

Information regarding the celebration of Jeff’s life will be released at a later time.

God Bless You, The James Burton family”


Sorry to hear, James is an influence. He's gotta be beyond heart broken.


I remember him from the Fender generations advert.


I read that on James page, not the natural order, tough time for the Burton family.


Very sad..... This has to be the most painful thing good people endure....


I can't imagine the pain. Very sad.

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