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I didn’t know that Grady Martin played fiddle!


I was just watching some old Ozark Jubilee shows and Grady was playing twin fiddle with the other fiddle player on the opening tune, I sure didn't know that!


Kinda like Roy Clark played multiple instruments.

I love 1950s/60s country music TV shows -- if some were on CD -- I would go for them i am sure


not surprised..gradys fellow great guitarists jimmy bryant and joe maphis also played fiddle..anything with strings!!

here's joe...on double neck mosrite, fiddle, mando, banjo and upright bass!



They got the name wrong... It's Maffis as in Massive not Mayffis. Haha. Isn't it funny how we got the names wrong in Britain and Europe.


One of my favorite guitarists was a killer fiddler....Clarence "Gatemouth" Brown. Also played piano, viola, and harmonica!

One of quite a few clips of Clarence and Roy playing:

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