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I heard Roberts' version of this tune years ago and it is a very effective arrangement indeed. Roberts was a great player, often overlooked by even the most ardent of guitar/jazz lovers. Maybe they'll issue a greatest hits album of his work someday for those who'd like to explore a little more...


Man, this is great. It sure is stuck in my head. Thanks for posting the link.


roberts was on the session for fever and wound up just snapping his fingers.....


Man, I love Howard Roberts. Back when I was about 20, I had a small quartet that included a B3, and it just so happened that the B3 player was about as big on HR as I was, so guess what we played a lot of back in those days. HR was such a great player. His expressions and tone just gives me that feeling.


"...Written in 1965 by Neal Hefti & Bobby Troup for the movie 'Harlow'..."

Bobby Troup also wrote "RT 66," and was the Jeep driver in the M.A.S.H. movie who drove Hawkeye and Trapper John around (swearing under his breath) when they went on TDY to fix some Senator's kid in (I think?) Seoul.

Great piano player too.

Somebody turned me onto Howard Roberts, Barney Kessel, and Johnny Smith, when I was in High School (the sixties).

Howard Roberts still knocks me out, always.

Johnny Smith had a huge poster size picture of Howard Roberts holding up a Telecaster, taken in some studio. The pic was prominently displayed right as you came into Johnny Smith's Colorado Springs music store.

That's huge respect shown from a top studio player (who got out of it) for a guy who was still in it (at the time). Mr. Smith had little regard for what passed for studio work, when I talked to him then. "...BAH! All you need now is the right button to step on..."


He was a Dirty Guitar Player. I think of him everytime the SciFi channel runs an old Twilight Zone.


I have the Howard Roberts CD "Color Him Funky/H.R. Is A Dirty Guitar Player", its one my favorites.


Ahhh...thanks, NT. I have to admit I didn't get the "Dirty Guitar Player" reference, and was afraid to ask. I'll have to find that CD, and anything else by Roberts that people want to recommend. I just love that sound.

If you had to put a name to that type of music, what would you call it? Lounge music? Cool jazz?

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