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Hendrix - 50 years on


Jimi would have been in the middle of his evening about now, after having seen Sly and the Family Stone play Royal Albert Hall.

Eric Clapton missed him after the performance backstage, having brought a true "Leftie" Strat from the US he acquired during his last trip as a gift.

Later, we all know the story...Sleeping Pills and Wine.

"Purple Haze" has been in my repertoire these last few months since playing around with my StratPlus and new Compound Radius neck.

"Purple Haze" has a new meaning, however, it's the result of the California Fires. Strange colors throughout the day...

We've had just 2 clear days in the last month...but, several more in the "Purple AQI" scale.

I still grin every time I think about Ronnie Wood living with Hendrix his first 2 weeks in London hoping to make it in the Music scene Fall 1966.

Jimi would jam away on Ronnie's guitar "upside down" just to keep them talking and occupied throughout most of the day, leaving Ronnie wondering and frustrated as Hendrix was better than he playing his guitar.


From the interviews I've seen, Jimi seemed to be a really cool and gentle man. I like to play his music too, "The Wind Crys Mary" is one of my favorites to play. It has a neat solo incorporating a lot of double stops. He had some very clever ideas and compositions. It's a shame we lost him so young, way too early. He had a lot left to give.

I also have a Strat with a compound neck shape and radius, they're amazing instruments. Mine is a 2017 American Elite, and it has the best guitar neck I've ever used. I've often wondered how Jimi would have liked the new age Strats, or would he have preferred KISS.


As much as his guitar playing caused so many heads to explode, I believe in the long run his compositional skills will rule the day. Funny, just been listening to Gil Evans take on Hendrix.


Jimi was a phenom! He rarely played the same chord, the same way, per song. He played for the moment and had character to his playing and his fingers were dripping with tone.


People forget he was a great singer also really almost as compelling as the guitar work. Just a great voice/guitar package.


The other story I've always smiled about is Pete Townshend's...

Chas Chandler asked Pete to take Jimi around to the Music Shops to get some gear. Pete showed him the Hi-Watts, the Sound City, then the Marshalls. Pete said any one would be nice, easily fill a club.

A couple days later Pete stops by to see how Jimi is getting on. As he is approaches the flat where Jimi is staying, still a couple blocks away, he distinctly hears electric guitar playing. It only gets louder and louder 'til he reaches the door.

Jimi lets him in and shows him his pair of twin stacks, two each of Hi-Watt and Marshall, all daisy-chained together, all at full volume.

Pete's only thought..."I've created a "#^*@-ing Monster".

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