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Hardrock Gunter - What a nice guy!!


I'd never seen this two part interview, made in 2008, with the late Hardrock Gunter. Well worth checking out. Great stories of how he got started in the business and his friendship with Hank Williams. And for those of you not familiar with Hardrock, he's quite the legend in the Rockabilly community (although his music is not really Rockabilly) as he really did inspire and influence performers like Elvis and Carl Perkins.

His 1950 recording "Birmingham Bounce", predating "Rocket 88" is one of the recognized contenders as the 'first Rock 'n' Roll" record and he was the first performer on a record to use the phrase 'Rock and Roll' as pertaining to music on his next recording "Gonna Dance All Night"....predating Alan Freed's use of the term and debunking the claim that Alan Freed coined the phrase.

...and what a sweet and humble gentleman Hardrock was!


Thanks for that, NitroG. Fascinating stuff.


You're welcome Dave.

Here's "Gonna Dance All Night" recorded for Bama Records in 1950. Hardrock re-recorded it for Sun Records in 1954.

...and just for the heck of it and for those who aren't familiar with Hardrock Gunter here's "Birmingham Bounce"...one of the records that spawned Rock 'n' Roll.


That was cool,thanks for sharing sir!


Only had a chance to listen to the music. I'll get around to the interviews later but yeah, thanks. History and very cool!


The interviews are a joy to watch. The sincerity and gentle good nature of the man really shines through.

I only recently discovered that Hardrock lived in Golden, Colorado in the 90s during the same few years as I lived there. If I'd known that at the time I'd have called on him to introduce myself and shake his hand.


Wonderful stuff. I got a collection called "Hillbilly Boogie" a few years back and these cuts would have been right at home there. Thanks for posting these.

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