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Happy birthday Eddie Cochran.


Only Eddie could dig deep into the song mines and have a hoot with this hoary old dirge. It's usually performed with the Emotional Wringer set to Full Gloom, but Eddie finds an ironic, liberating joy in the lyric and takes us on a freewheeling carouse with his deep, fluid voice and trademark choppy, terse guitar style. This is how you cover a song-

Happy birthday Eddie. Always an inspiration, pointing the true way.


To the greatest ever, in my humble rockabilly opinion. Happy Birthday Eddie!

Here he is on his 18th birthday, Oct 03 1956 with the Gretsch shaped cake made for him by his sister Gloria.


...and on his 21st birthday on this day in 1959 in Chadron, Nebraska. Sadly this would turn out to be his last birthday.


Somethin' Else is blasting away as i type!


I listened to the Liberty Box Set yesterday. Sitting on the couch (no balcony available), shaking my head again. What an amazing talent he was.

Btw, great post by Ade. 'Am I blue' is my favourite Eddie recording. That arrangement is so simple but smart. I love it how the two solos are followed by different parts.

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