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Happy Birthday Eddie Cochran!


Following on from Tavo's great Eddie tribute thread let's raise a glass to Eddie's memory on what would have been his 78th birthday today.

I'm sitting in a piazza in Rome with the two lovely ladies in my life, Nicole and Tikka, and drinking a HUGE beer as I remember Eddie.

Happy Birthday Ed...never to be forgotten.


The very epitome of a rock star and 'guitar god'.


Happy Birthday Eddie! ! C'mon Everybody !!!!!


Happy birthday Eddie. Have a great time in Italy Greg, cheers!


Gretsch sponsored the Cochrane Clubs 78th Eddie' Cochrane bday celebration, and Connie Guybo (Eddie's bassist) was there along w slew of truly great musicians. I got to meet Ernie Valens, Ritchie Valen's cousin, and talked briefly to Guybo ( message delivered D). Buddy and Suzy Dughi of the Hotrod trio along w Scott Mclean and Jerry Prefontaine hosted the guest musicians in the line up all night. Kid Ramos played a short set, Big Sandy, Tim Polecat, and many others. They even let me up there for a song. I managed to not boff it up too bad but was sort of a diva by using my own gretsch I guess. Its my security blanket.

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