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Happy Birthday Chet Atkins, CGP!


Happy birthday to my biggest inspiration in picking up and playing guitar all these years, Chester Burton Atkins!


Agree -- He was also my inspiration.

Happy #96 Mr. CGP!


It may seem I am tooting my own horn here a bit, well so be it — but it is Chet's birthday, after all. So here again is Gretsch's tribute to Chet:

Thanks to Joe Carducci's vision, we made this film down in Nashville a few years back. And thanks to those illustrious interviewees: Duane Eddy, Steve Wariner, John Knowles, Doyle Dykes, Pat Bergeson, Richard Smith, and Jimmy Capp (may he rest in peace). They told so many rich and moving stories about the man himself.

Oh, and our own Richard Hudson had a hand in the soundtrack here. He did a very fine, wonderful job. Thank you sir!

At the time and often since, a lot of of us felt that Chet was watching over us all.


Happy birthday, Mr. Guitar, you are sorely missed.

I really like Gretsch's tribute to Chet Atkins, they used some very good Gretsch guitar players in this video.


Happy Birthday Mr Atkins sir!

In 3 Dimensions is playing as i type.


My inspiration too. What a great pleasure to meet him a few times and have conversation with him at the CAAS convention.


Another fan here. What can I say that hasn't been said before? He continues to be truly inspiring to me.

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