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Great performance of a great Jerry Reed style tune.


This is Clive Carroll, from England. Clive is a top class player, who has toured with and shared many stages with Tommy Emmanuel, and wrote this tune in response to a commission a composition for a music exam syllabus in the UK. If his work is new to you, you're in for a treat - there's lots more of him on the tube too. Clive Carroll


That was excellent! But, I see our own Taffy on this same level.


He was great with Tommy when he came to our town. His set was every bit as entertaining as Tommy's. Then they played together which was wonderful.


That was excellent! But, I see our own Taffy on this same level.

Tru dat!


THANKS NSM for posting this! Always good to learn about new (to me) guitar players! I really like his playing! Also check his version of "Czardas". Django would be mighty proud. And from jolly ole England. Well bli'me guv'na I'll have a cup'a tea, some crumpets, and one possibly two bladder pads! That is some great pickin'!! Thanks again!!


Very nice playin'! Fits all the categories he was asked to cover for an original arrangement! Another vote for Paul's playin' too.


I enjoyed that Neil, I heard the name before I think but never heard him. Thanks Bob, Dave and Dave the checks in the mail

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