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Great old tune on a vintage Gretsch archtop


Just ran across this and thought it would be nice to hear a vintage Gretsch put through its paces playing a terrific old tune. A quiet environment to listen with a glass of wine would be perfect.


Here's another video of an earlier Gretsch. Make note of the great tone and the fact he's using D'Addario Flat Top strings. I've touted these for years for having the same great tone as round wounds but without the string noise. Enjoy this vid as well of nice playing and another great old tune


Both guitars sound fantastic. MY Waterloo WL12-MH, is starting to look like a bit of a failed experiment. I was intrigued by the 1949 New Yorker I tried out several years ago (despite it being a bottom feeder Gretstch archtop acoustic, that was in ratty shape to boot), and I almost bought a G400 Synchromatic (it was on layaway, and cash got tight for me, so I had to back out of the deal). I could see getting one of these older Gretsch acoustic archtops.

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