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... being a topic inspired by a Ütube cascade that ended up in a long-overdue revisitation of one of my favorite high school albums, Humble Pie's Rockin' the Fillmore. Which reminded me of...the classic rock/pop tradition of twin guitars.

Not rhythm & lead, but dual leads, often harmonized - or intertwined lead/rhythm as if tapping the consciousness of one musical mind melding two or more pickers.

Of course my referents are mostly varieties of late-60s and later rock, but no guitarist can be unaware of Chester & Lester, and Chet & Jerry (and I'm relying on y'all roots gurus to identify more Great Guitar Duos from those disciplines).

I'm here to run up the flag for hip-joined brain-melded rockers such as:

• Steve & Peter
• Eric & Duane
• Duane & Dickie
• Jerry & Bob (sometimes)
• Brian & Scott
• Andy & Ted
• Lowell & Paul (later, Craig & Paul)
• Robert & Adrian

And, of course, just because it was kind of a stunt, we can't fail to honor the triplets...
• Allen, Gary, & Ed

Are you familiar with all the first-name references? Can you supply last names and band IDs?

And, since my list runs out by sometime in the 80s, who you got for us? Who have I missed?


Sorry, I mean Eddie & Lonnie


Humble Pie - Marriott and Frampton

Derek and the D's - Clapton and Allman

Allman Bros - Allman and Betts

Grateful Dead - Garcia and Weir

Thin Lizzy - Gorman and Robertson (what about Gary?)

Wishbone Ash - Powell and Turner

Little Feat - George and Barrere and Fuller

King Crimson - Fripp and Belew (I preferred the original crew)



Can't believe I failed to include...

• Peter, Jeremy, Danny, & Bob (in whatever overlapping combinations)


Ding ding ding! Winner right off the bat. That was too fast for wikipediating; apparently you misspent your musical youth in much the same way I did...

King Crimson - Fripp and Belew (I preferred the original crew)

Well, every KC era recommends itself to me - but there weren't two guitars till Bob & Belew.

And before anyone even brings it up, guitar harmonies in "Hotel Californication" don't qualify The Egos, as I can't give anyone in that band credit for mutual-mind spontaneity. (Except for Joe, and it takes more than one.)


Chet & Lenny was a sensational album, but unfortunately wasn't marketed well and wasn't readily available even at the time - late '70s. Chet was on the verge of dropping endorsement of Gretsch, and his popularity had been waning for awhile. Due to Lenny's drug issues it took nearly a few years to get the tracks done, let alone a video session. The perfect storm for little to no success. Still, a heck of a collaboration that even years later, Chet regarded as a tremendous musical showcase.


I didn't see a whole lotta daylight for a decade of my youth...Billiards, Darts, Hi Fi System, Older Sibling, and, of course, contraband...


How could we forget The Eagles?

It's easy if you try.


Well, I get some of those.

Brad & Joe are Aerosmith (Whitford, Perry)
Jeff & Denny are probably early Steely Dan (Baxter, Diaz)
Neil & Danny...Crazy Horse? (Young, Whitten)
Neil & Stephen (Young, Stills)

Phil & Steve & Vivian & Pete gotta be Def Leppard and associated acts (Collen, Clark, Campbell, Willis) - but I had to go to wiki for that. I never listened to the band other than in passing.

I don't recognize Mike & Steve, though.


Brian May and Brian May.

Funny. I was going there with Steve Morse & Steve Morse, or the guy who two-hand taps on a double-neck guitar sticking out both sides.

But that road leads to madness.


Hank Garland & Grady Martin. Wheelgrinder had a little excerpt of this in his Grady thread. It was quite a common dual technique discipline, often the two instruments would be interchanged, particularly steel and guitar but sometimes fiddle too. Anyhoo, really nice interleaved twin harmony licks-


I had a very similar thread a while back - you can see my entry and some other choices. You just can't beat Carl Kress and whatever maestro he was recording with that day - Eddie Lang, Tonny Mottola, George Barnes, Dick McDonough etc etc.



Also these two guys are pretty good...


I remember that thread Spike. Some really great music there.


You forgot one of the most unique twin guitar teams ever: John Cipollina and Gary Duncan of Quicksilver Messenger Service. For those who may not be familiar, I submit the following as a representation of John's quivering Bigsby-inflected fingerpicking style (here on the right channel) and Gary's fleet-fingered, jazz-influenced lyricism (on the left):


These fellas are pretty badass too. Each brought out the best in the other --- John's jaw-dropping technique (on the right) took Carlos to new places, and Carlos' lyricism (on the left) had a positive effect on John by modulating his tendency to dazzle with greater clarity and melody :

Also, Larry Young on organ! Damn!


I threw Def Leppard in because they were on MTV for a decade....

I'll throw these two guys in for those that remember, Rick and Johnny?

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