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... being a topic inspired by a Ütube cascade that ended up in a long-overdue revisitation of one of my favorite high school albums, Humble Pie's Rockin' the Fillmore. Which reminded me of...the classic rock/pop tradition of twin guitars.

Not rhythm & lead, but dual leads, often harmonized - or intertwined lead/rhythm as if tapping the consciousness of one musical mind melding two or more pickers.

Of course my referents are mostly varieties of late-60s and later rock, but no guitarist can be unaware of Chester & Lester, and Chet & Jerry (and I'm relying on y'all roots gurus to identify more Great Guitar Duos from those disciplines).

I'm here to run up the flag for hip-joined brain-melded rockers such as:

• Steve & Peter
• Eric & Duane
• Duane & Dickie
• Jerry & Bob (sometimes)
• Brian & Scott
• Andy & Ted
• Lowell & Paul (later, Craig & Paul)
• Robert & Adrian

And, of course, just because it was kind of a stunt, we can't fail to honor the triplets...
• Allen, Gary, & Ed

Are you familiar with all the first-name references? Can you supply last names and band IDs?

And, since my list runs out by sometime in the 80s, who you got for us? Who have I missed?


Sorry, I mean Eddie & Lonnie


Humble Pie - Marriott and Frampton

Derek and the D's - Clapton and Allman

Allman Bros - Allman and Betts

Grateful Dead - Garcia and Weir

Thin Lizzy - Gorman and Robertson (what about Gary?)

Wishbone Ash - Powell and Turner

Little Feat - George and Barrere and Fuller

King Crimson - Fripp and Belew (I preferred the original crew)



Can't believe I failed to include...

• Peter, Jeremy, Danny, & Bob (in whatever overlapping combinations)


Ding ding ding! Winner right off the bat. That was too fast for wikipediating; apparently you misspent your musical youth in much the same way I did...

King Crimson - Fripp and Belew (I preferred the original crew)

Well, every KC era recommends itself to me - but there weren't two guitars till Bob & Belew.

And before anyone even brings it up, guitar harmonies in "Hotel Californication" don't qualify The Egos, as I can't give anyone in that band credit for mutual-mind spontaneity. (Except for Joe, and it takes more than one.)


Chet & Lenny was a sensational album, but unfortunately wasn't marketed well and wasn't readily available even at the time - late '70s. Chet was on the verge of dropping endorsement of Gretsch, and his popularity had been waning for awhile. Due to Lenny's drug issues it took nearly a few years to get the tracks done, let alone a video session. The perfect storm for little to no success. Still, a heck of a collaboration that even years later, Chet regarded as a tremendous musical showcase.


I didn't see a whole lotta daylight for a decade of my youth...Billiards, Darts, Hi Fi System, Older Sibling, and, of course, contraband...


How could we forget The Eagles?

It's easy if you try.


Brian May and Brian May.


Well, I get some of those.

Brad & Joe are Aerosmith (Whitford, Perry)
Jeff & Denny are probably early Steely Dan (Baxter, Diaz)
Neil & Danny...Crazy Horse? (Young, Whitten)
Neil & Stephen (Young, Stills)

Phil & Steve & Vivian & Pete gotta be Def Leppard and associated acts (Collen, Clark, Campbell, Willis) - but I had to go to wiki for that. I never listened to the band other than in passing.

I don't recognize Mike & Steve, though.


Brian May and Brian May.

Funny. I was going there with Steve Morse & Steve Morse, or the guy who two-hand taps on a double-neck guitar sticking out both sides.

But that road leads to madness.


Hank Garland & Grady Martin. Wheelgrinder had a little excerpt of this in his Grady thread. It was quite a common dual technique discipline, often the two instruments would be interchanged, particularly steel and guitar but sometimes fiddle too. Anyhoo, really nice interleaved twin harmony licks-


I had a very similar thread a while back - you can see my entry and some other choices. You just can't beat Carl Kress and whatever maestro he was recording with that day - Eddie Lang, Tonny Mottola, George Barnes, Dick McDonough etc etc.



Also these two guys are pretty good...


I remember that thread Spike. Some really great music there.


You forgot one of the most unique twin guitar teams ever: John Cipollina and Gary Duncan of Quicksilver Messenger Service. For those who may not be familiar, I submit the following as a representation of John's quivering Bigsby-inflected fingerpicking style (here on the right channel) and Gary's fleet-fingered, jazz-influenced lyricism (on the left):


These fellas are pretty badass too. Each brought out the best in the other --- John's jaw-dropping technique (on the right) took Carlos to new places, and Carlos' lyricism (on the left) had a positive effect on John by modulating his tendency to dazzle with greater clarity and melody :

Also, Larry Young on organ! Damn!


I threw Def Leppard in because they were on MTV for a decade....

I'll throw these two guys in for those that remember, Rick and Johnny?

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