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Picked up a 60’s Gibson ES-120…help with a part or two?


Just jumped on an old Gibson ES-120...kinda reminds me of a hollow body junior.

It is missing the truss rod cover and one of the pickup screws and an inlay dot.

Two questions (with photos) to follow.

Any help is appreciated.


Here is the pickup screw (left side in photo). Any help with the type of screw to chase after? Pickguard, control plate cover or truss cover type? Might be stripped out but even if it doesn't bite I want something to fool the eye. Anyone got one they can spare?


Lastly the truss rod cover. Can I get any 2-hole style ya think? Less of the bell bottom? I see lots of Gibson parts and even more knock off jobbies but what will work? Thanks in advance for any insight and guidance.


A few thoughts.

I think the truss rod cover should be single ply black bell. You can find them on eBay or lots of parts dealers for about $10. I'm pretty sure the hole spacing should be standard, but with old guitars, it never hurts to double check before buying.

I suspect the missing inlay is 1/4" pearloid. Stew-mac has them for $0.44 each: http://www.stewmac.com/Mate...

For the pickup screw, I'd just take the one that's there out and bring it to a hardware store to get a matching screw.


Thank you for the stewmac link...nice parts and decent prices.


The TRC is thin one ply black as Afire said; I had a '61 ES-125TC many years ago as well as a 3/4 version and they both had those. You could almost make your own with a little thin plastic. These are fun guitars.


Was hoping maybe I could get away with a 2 ply cover but I will keep an eye out for the thinner type. I had bought this before I asked...liked the "T"


No reason not to use it, if it fits and you like it. Afire & lx are just pointing out what the original part would have been.


By the way if the threads on the pickup itself are stripped, you could always get a slightly longer screw and through-bolt it. This also applies if you simply can't find one with the proper thread pitch/size.


Any guitar repair guy should have all of those in his junk drawer. Finding the right dot might require a little extra digging.


Very nice guitar. I believe the pickup is the same type as was used on Melody Makers of the same time period. How does it sound?


I actually am still patiently awaiting its arrival via Fed Ex. I wanted to get a jump on ordering parts so I could tinker accordingly when it shows up. Sittin' here itchin' for parts to finish a Les Paul wiring harness too and its just killing me. Nothing seems to be following through yet but soon. StewMac sent the wrong size dot so its still in the works but the truss rod cover is here and I think I bought every screw in the free world...that sounded dirty. :)

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