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Experience Hendrix Fall Tour


Anybody ever take in one of these shows?

We went and got tickets this afternoon for the Reno stop at the Silver Legacy.

They used to do a similar show at Madison Square Garden, not billed as such, not as guitar-oriented per se, more the electronica.

Fender is the main Tour Sponsor.


I've been to a couple, about 10 years apart. It was an outstanding show both times, I'd go again. Definitely bring earplugs.


who's playing? that would be the interest-or-no decision point for me. i love JH, but i'd want to be sure they weren't having heavy-metal hacks or whomever.


not the greatest possible lineup, but if Buddy Guy is gonna play with Billy Cox and Kenny Aranoff that could KILL.


Buddy Guy, Joe Satrianni, Eric Johnson, Johnny Lang, Doyle Bramhall II, that sounds like a pretty good lineup for such an event. Obviously it's not Clapton, Beck, etc. Actually the tour sounded like some sort of club event with a bunch of nobody's. I'd pay to see this. Many years ago I saw Buddy Guy at the Houston International Festival. Couldn't have been more than a couple of hundred folks there that afternoon. Opening was Los Lonely Boys. Buddy went unplugged into the audience playing Voodoo Child.


The line up changes to include artists that are not even on the list. I saw this show 3 years ago. Dweezil, Buddy Guy, Ana Popovic, Kenny Wayne Shephard (playing the reverse neck Strat), it was brilliant.

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