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Ennio Morricone Tribute Compilation


For you spaghetti western fans, this is pretty cool:


Cheers, I enjoyed that.


The whole album looks pretty good too. Snatched it up on iTunes. Thanks for sharing.


Found the CD on Amazon. It costs only $426.36.


Beautifully executed, obviously killer guitar tone. I'd enjoy the entire album, I'm sure.


Interesting stuff. I did not know that!

But the melodies, arrangements, orchestrations are so distinctive - especially at the time the movies were made - it makes sense it was all the work of a couple guys. Without that vision and direction, work is bound to get diluted.

In that way, it reminds me of Danny Elfman's work with Tim Burton. Singular and distinctive.


Awesome! Downloading this today!


I grabbed my copy off iTunes. Great stuff! I was hoping there was a songbook.

Bob - CDs, what are they?


They are those things that you can hold in your hands and read the liner notes and credits about who played on the album. I would hope that this one had some good historical gems about Alessandro Alessandroni.

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