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Elvis has left the building…40 years gone.


Hard to believe how long ago it was...

Long live the King!


Complete Sun Sessions spinning as i type.


There was perhaps a solid year of my life that I listened to nothing but Elvis. Probably around 96-97. Prior to that my wife liked listening to Elvis! Anyway - here's to the king, with a sadly poignant song at this moment in time, "If I Can Dream," which closed the 1968 NBC-TV Singer ("Comeback") Special.

If I Can Dream (1968)



Wow - I still remember the newspaper when it happened. I would have been 9 years old. I don't like thinking that it was 40 years ago


He may be gone now, but I don't believe it happened in 1977.


Pretty much all day yesterday there were Elvis movies and documentaries...we recorded a couple.

I saw Elvis the Summer of '72 @ the Las Vegas Hilton. Fun, exciting night...


I've spent many an hour contemplating what if's. Number one, what if he kicked the Colonel to the curb after his initial success?


I've spent many an hour contemplating what if's. Number one, what if he kicked the Colonel to the curb after his initial success?

– Opie

Imagine if he hooked up with someone like Brian Epstein in the 1960s. We could have seen Elvis and The Beatles on tour together or in movies together.


At the time Elvis died I was a big Marx Brothers fan so I was more upset by Groucho's passing the same week. To me, Elvis was an embarrassing fat old guy compared to my musical heroes the Beatles.

Would Elvis have been better off in a metaphorical sense if he had died at the time he went into the Army rather than when he did? That way the enduring image of his death would have been of a young vibrant guy cut down in his prime, rather than an old bloated guy dying on the toilet. Or maybe in the late 60s after he made his great comeback?

Course he wasn't really old, only in his 40s, it just seemed that way. My wife saw him in concert year before he died, and said it was pretty embarrassing


When Elvis died, I was fronting a band that had just spent a year developing a local following as a Presley tribute show... we were just starting to attract regional notice when August 16th happened and Mr Presley went to the Promised Land.

So we stopped booking new gigs, played out the already-confirmed ones and went our separate ways two months later, in early October. After all (we thought), who'd want to listen to an Irishman up on the stage trying to follow that dream?

Who knew?

Now it's been forty years.

Funny how time slips away.


I discovered this a few weeks ago regarding the cause of Elvis' downward spiral in the 1970's. It appears he may have suffered from Autoimmune Inflammatory Disease after he hit his head on a porcelain bathtub in 1967 that knocked him out. This is a very interesting article.

Elvis Presley: Head Trauma, Autoimmunity, Pain and Early Death

– BuddyHollywood

That's an interesting read,explains alot.


That's an interesting read,explains alot.

– Opie

It surely seems to, I agree.

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