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Elvis - at sea April 1956


I guess you US guys have seen this but I certainly hadn't until browsing through Scotty's FB page. His guitar playing and sound was just as good outside in harbour!

Start at c.17.17 in.



Great - they make it look so easy! (Also: Kukla, Fran and Ollie at 25:27!)


I've never seen this! Freaking amazing. Elvis and Buddy Rich on the same show? What universe did this happen in?


Well now we know where Pete Townsend got the idea to destroy his instruments on stage.

Uncle Miltie. Whoda thunk.


Thanks so much for this clip, Richard! We've sent it on to a few friends who'll love seeing it as much as we did. Elvis was, and still is, the best.


Never seen that before, thanks for sharing. IMO interesting that Elvis chose to use (pretty much) Carl Perkins' own arrangement (at least the intro) of "Blue Suede Shoes" when performing it live. And look how much fun they obviously had. So great. Thanks again, Richard!


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