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Eddie Cochran’s Last Show


57 years ago today, April 16th 1960, Eddie Cochran played his last show at the Bristol Hippodrome.

After a rockin' set he and Gene Vincent, along with Sharon Sheeley and tour manager Pat Thompkins got into a car driven by Bristol resident George Martin (not The Beatles' manager) and headed to London Airport to fly back to the States. Just after midnight Martin lost control of the car and it skidded off the road on Rowden Hill in Chippenham, Wilts...hit a lampost and Eddie was thrown out of the car onto the road and suffered serious head injuries.

Eddie died in hospital later that day, April 17th 1960.

To this day Eddie is a huge influence on so many musicians (I went to see The Damned in concert last night and they mentioned Eddie as one of their heroes). He'll never be forgotten.


The line-up for Eddie and Gene's week in Bristol...and Eddie's last ever show.


The bio in the Bristol program is less than accurate, but this is how Eddie was presented to his British fans in 1960.


Paul Mc Cartney and George Harrison saw one of his very last shows on that tour, although not this final one. George had said that they were just getting started then, and things weren't really going anywhere in 1960 but seeing that show really lit the fire for them.


It's already April 17th in the UK . 57 years since Eddie's death. On the morning of Monday April 18th 1960 the UK papers were full of news of an unusually large amount of deaths on the roads over that Easter weekend...one of which was Eddie. Most people have seen the full front page headline that the Daily Mirror ran but here are the reports from some of the other papers.

The Daily Express


...and from up North, the Liverpool Daily Post.


I often wonder how different music would be today if that horrible accident never happened. I like to think he would be as big as Elvis.


April 18,1960. Duane begins a week of shows at The Liverpool Empire. I can't imagine how difficult that must have been, having just learned the terrible news about Eddie.

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