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Eddie Cochran


When Eddie Cochran would sign for a fan he'd often postscript his name with the words, "Don't Forget Me".

We haven't forgotten.


Thanks for the reminder Adrian. What a talent. What charisma. What a loss. Oddly, it falls on the same day as Memorial Day here. Which is pretty intense. Lots of sad all around. But lots of gratitude as well.


I have the biography of his called “Don’t Forget Me”.


Tremendous loss of tremendous talent. My grand kids don't know anything about Eddie Cochran, except that when they hear Summertime Blues, it is smiles all around. Eddie's music will stand the test of time.

We won't forget him.


Got his music playing tonight.


It's said that 19 yr old John Lennon and 17 yr old George Harrison saw one of his shows shortly before.

It's also said that Buddy Holly worried how he would be remembered .. almost a premonition. If these guys only knew.


I read somewhere of George Harrison's recollection of seeing Eddie Cochran perform live and how he (George) fell in love with the big hollowbody Gretsch that Eddie was playing. George was close enough to observe that Eddie's Gretsch had an unwound G string which was quite exotic compared to the Black Diamond telephone cable-like strings that George and the other lads had available to them at the time.

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