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Eddie Cochran - Rain


It's been a dismal wet winter here, and a friend mentioned this record to me. I've collected a ton of his material, but this is new to me - purportedly written with Duane Eddy in mind, it's a moody, thoughtful solo guitar piece that would have been at home on any 50's jazz guitar records from the heavyweights of the time. Forgive me if this is better known to the group.


That was nice, thanks for sharing.


That was a beautiful piece with some interesting and unexpected segments. What would have he done if he'd lived longer.


Oh man, he's the one of that era I miss most. That's so great. I wonder what our own Ade has to say since this doesn't appear in his thread about the said tour. Or maybe even Deed chimes in and sees if Duane can remember. That would be somethin' else.



If I remember correct, this song has been discussed here before and Deed told us that it was not the same "Rain" song that Eddie had played for Duane. I am sure Deed will tell us the story again


In the tour itinerary it's a little bit early for Duane to be in the picture- he came to England with Bobby Darin on March 16th and likely met up when Eddie was playing at the Finsbury Park Empire on the week 3rd-9th April.

The video description indicates that they met in Glasgow in February but the dates just don't match up, to the best of my knowledge.

Duane has mentioned Eddie playing a chord melody piece for him. From Darrel's book, "...He showed the song to me. It was quite complicated but very beautiful...he said he would have to cut a demo of it when he got home. The song was called Rain." Duane continues, "People say they have heard some old tapes of Eddie's where they claim that he is playing Rain, but they're nothing like it. Maybe he just liked the title and gave it to two different songs."


Nice tone from the flatwound strings of the day there.


It sounds somewhat like a nylon string guitar. It's certainly tuned to Eb, take a listen to the open Cmaj7- Am7 progression at 0:19.


That's really beautiful. Thanks for posting it.



Sounds like a nylon strung guitar to me too.

We were just saying where would his talent have taken him had he lived?

I am also reminded by the pic of the more than passing resemblance of Sharon Sheeley to SWMBO when she was 16 or 17 and that Somethin' Else meant so much to me back then.


Duane spoke of the piece that Eddie had written for him when we saw him in Nashville in ‘11. As far as I remember Duane said there was no known recording of it (forgive me if I’m remembering that wrongly), I wonder if this is the same piece..

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