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Doyler Dykes….Guild vs. Taylor


Clips below of "Me and Jesus and My Old Guitar" played by Doyle: w/ a Guild: http://www.youtube.com/watc... with a Taylor: http://www.youtube.com/watc...

Of these 2 clips, which do like better? The playing is no doubt perfect but do you prefer of the Guild or Taylor? I was surprised to hear, what I describe" as a "chinky" sound to the Guild where the Taylor was receptive and bold. Of the 2, what's your preference?


I don`t think you can compare the 2, because of different setups and surroundings. Both sound fine to me. 8-)


Setup and surrounding aside, the difference in tone, is very different...at least to my ears. The Guild didn't have bright highs to me as it just seemed to by tinny sounding.

I guess I'll have to listen to more Doyle without the Taylor to make any inclusion but I was not thrilled with the sound of the Guild.


I just noticed the "Doyle" misspelling in the topic title so please ignore that.


Well you know. I just thought you meant he sounded doyler on Guild than on Taylor.


Doyle has just started with Guild so what he sounds like now is a work in progress. Give him a few months to work with the Guild folks and I think you will notice a world of difference. He is also working with the Fender amp people, so watch for some new developments there. He is also working with LR Baggs on a new pickup system so changes are coming.


Not really a fair comparison. Listen to the voice and the same voice is reproduced far differently. The recording system for the Taylor was far superior. For an acoustic instrument, I wasn't really impressed with the sound of either. The Taylor sounded good but did not sound like an acoustic instrument to me.



Well ... IMO ... It's apples and oranges ...

Doyle would sound great playing a rotten log ...

So many variables go into the recordings ... It all boils down to your preference ...

Doyle is a great acoustic player and I think that the acoustic sound is what he really goes after ... The acoustic pickups on both of those guitars sound awful to me ... A good mike on the unplugged instruments would give us a better comparison ...


Doyle Dykes is coming to my little town 4/28. Uncle Ike's Music hosts him for a Saturday afternoon in-store concert. I'll get a first hand listen.


No doubt 57 Chet, .Doyle's playing is somehwere in the stratosphere so high up I can't see with a telescope. It was just the tone of the recording in the Guild clip that made me indifferent. .I actually really like the Taylor pickup system though....It think it's called the "expression system" or something so the Guild clip might just be that I'm not used to it. But now that you mention it, a good mic to an acoustic never fails to impress...not from my memory anyway.

Funny how I say I don't like the Guild clip as much but it somehow got me wandering to researching Guild and I've really taken a liking to the all mahogany M-120


Definitely apples to oranges. First off Doyle mainly used the LR Baggs Hex pickup system even in his Taylors. It's got six individual pickups for each string built into the saddle. I wouldn't be surprised to see that system show up in his new Guild sig guitar. It's hard to say what was in that Guild but it probably was the D-tar system.


I was at NAMM when he played it on the Guild. I can assure you that he sounded great.

I've also been to one of his Taylor workshops. He sounded great there also.

Much of Doyle's sound is in his fingers....


Doyle left Taylor and Rivera? I'm VERY shocked by this news!


Good morning, Pappy! ;-)

Let me just add to all of this that Doyle's signature model(s) is in the works. Some fascinating, impressive stuff.

That is all.

And he's playing lots of the Fender family.

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