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Doyle Dykes “Return of the Falcon”


I don't know if this link will work here but, if you're logged into Facebook, take a look at this Facebook Live video by Doyle Dykes. He talks about a new album that Fred Gretsch suggested. On it Doyle plays only Gretsch guitars. You'll hear and see a TON of great pickin' plus Doyle plays and talks about some pretty interesting Gretsch guitars. OK, here goes and I'm crossing my fingers that this link will work.Link


Volume worked but the video didn't.


It worked perfectly for me; thanks for posting it, wgnhim .

Man Doyle can nail that Merle Travis sound.


Doyle just looks and sounds right, on a Gretsch.


Cool,nice to hear Richard Hudson mentioned too.

So is this going to be available on cd? I like a hard copy being a Luddite an'all.


Worked now. Some mighty fine pickin' by Doyle! Nice to see another top player getting behind Gretsch, and this time a Chet picker!!

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