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Zombie Killer


No kidding! Just pulled the trigger on a Deering Zombie Killer banjo. lol My wife, how I love her so, is as crazy as can be. Wanted this so bad, I couldn't refuse. Playing it a little in the store today I have to say it's a nice bit of 5 string. Maple neck, Zombie skull inlays, wicked circular saw blade sorta ring thingy. It's got it all.

A pretty cool pickup that is a part of the head made by Kvanjo sounds astonishingly good. So good boy here gets a get out of jail free card that just might come in handy in a few months.

I'll post a couple pics when it gets unwrapped.


Too bad that's only available as a 5-string. Were that a plectrum 4-string banjo, the money would already be spent.


It's all in knowing a person.


Opened and appreciated!


Just no use talking at this point.


It has installed one of those Kavanjo pups and I have to say they are quite something. Nice clean signal with lots of room to play with it.

Kinda lacking in the accompanying literature and what not. A download manual just isn't the same as a bit of paper from someone who had something to do with making the thing.


I never said this before in my whole life but that's a pretty cool banjo.


The wife sports a badass haircut!

The banjo can get pretty cool too, just listen to The squirrel nut zippers.

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