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Danny Vera at Paradiso Amsterdam


I've been following Danny Vera's career since he had his first hit song in Holland. Gretsch united us and we sometimes chat and so on. He's quite a big name in Holland now due to TV exposure and gig at better venues. He is a Gretsch endorsee but that took a lot of time since the European department is harder to reach and convince. You can find a lot of Danny's stuff online and in the usual shops. His best album is called "Distant Rumble".


Hi Geoff. So was/it Danny you were trying to connect with a Gretsch from the current catalogue?

I especially loved the guitar in the video's concert intro. That's sooo my sound. And I'll give 'Distant rumble' a listen today.


No it wasn't Danny this time

After a few years Danny succeeded to reach Gretsch. I think he got help from Jos Rentmeester who has good connections.

You can find much Danny Vera stuff online. His band guitar player is Rob de Groot. Also a Gretsch lover. They both do many pointless guitar swaps on stage to show off all their Gretschae. I like that very much.

In the beginning Danny even came by in my office to hang out before doing the radio interviews or TV broadcasts. Those were the days. Danny even dragged Paul Pigat onto Dutch national TV as I think Paul needs to be discovered in Europe. It was my first big success as a spin doctor.

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