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I'm not paying for a subscription just to read one WSJ article.

Sad to hear this sad news about David Crosby. I've always been a Byrds and CSN&Y fan.


He has no relationship/friendship with Still, Young, Nash, but still on ok terms with McGuinn and Hillman


I didn't read the WSJ article, I'm not a subscriber, but I did do a little research about this. At 77, David Crosby is seeing the end of life looming in the headlights. He has chronic diabetes, and a transplanted liver, so these are concerns. David is quoted as saying "I need to make the best of the time I have left, and that means making music".

If there are any other concerns, I missed them in my search.


Given the well-documented extent to which David has abused his body over the years (substances, bad diet, etc. etc.), it's amazing he's still functional at 77. He's a brilliant musician, and I hope his remaining time is fulfilling and productive.


Hard to see musical greats from the the "Love and Peace" era, not even being able to stand each other.

I know that CSNY have always had rocky relationships, but it's looking like the ending story will not be love, peace, and happiness between them.

Such a waste, and so sad.


Such a waste, and so sad.

Well, I wasn't expecting another Deja Vu from those guys, were you? I mean, how could they leather-wrap a stream or download?

Given age and memory, I could just listen to it fresh all over again, like I'd never heard it before.

Apparently Croz has done 4 or 5 albums of new material in the last few years, equally evidently because he wants to - feels like he has to. Y has stayed active, S & N much more sporadic. Pretty good runs for all of them - but if they can't work together, they can't. I'd rather hear music driven by creative necessity than a half-hearted go-for-the-fans'-retirement-savings reunion.


The sadness in this case is not the music not made between them as a group, it's the "state of minds"


I had the great pleasure of seeing David Crosby perform in Lawrence Ks just a few short months ago. It was one of the best concerts I ever saw...very musical...very fine performances...mostly new material, all of which was eminently listenable. I follow David on Twitter. I didn't read the article because I am not a subscriber to the WSJ...but I think the title intent is more of an "I'm getting old, so the end is nigh" kind of post...not that there is any imminent health issue (other than old age, which we all will face) that is going to take him down soon. And I, for one, could care less whether we ever see another CSN(&Y) album. But I do hope I get to hear a few more from David.

Also...the documentary is apparently being released July 19th...I'll DEFINITELY be seeing that one!


"I'd rather hear music driven by creative necessity than a half-hearted go-for-the-fans'-retirement-savings reunion."

Well who wouldn't.


never underestimate the power of a byrd!!!

whenever you doubt crosby...put on byrds 5-D album

his improvised vocal harmonies are incredible!!!...



i follow Croz on Twitter. he's doing well health-wise for someone who's had the kind of issues he's had. he basically says that he knows he doesn't have that long to live, so he's trying to do as much music as he can in the time remaining. i don't exactly love everything he's done lately, but he's the only CSNY who's doing much of anything new these days and i give him full respect for that. he's also in a tough spot because he blew so much money during his drugs years...he had to sell Mayan, his sailboat, and currently tours frequently (he's out soon on his third US tour since spring 2018) because the internet age cut his royalties to almost nothing. Nash hates him now because Croz criticized him for dumping his wife of decades for a younger woman; given that David and Jan stuck together through literal hell, i see Dave's point. he says he'd do a CSNY tour, but not CSN. honestly, if they tried Stills would be the weak link...i saw the Stills/Collins tour and was shocked by how much his lead playing has deteriorated.


he's doing an advice column for Rolling Stone that's available on their website, and which can be pretty damned funny.

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