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Cousin Harley’s Blue Smoke tribute to Merle Travis


First, I love Merle Travis. I’ve spent years trying to find all of his recordings. He just has a vibe and style that I love. Fast forward and I also totally love Cousin Harley and Paul Pigat’s guitar playing.

Mesh the two and you have one incredible album with Blue Smoke and I highly recommend it. The riffs and tone are incredible. Thanks for an amazing record Paul!! If you wouldn’t mind and when you have the time can you talk about the amps, guitars, and effects you used if you can recall? Your tone is awesome. Lastly, the band is so tight and the drums have a great recorded sound that is crystal clear.


Totally agreed - I play it on my radio show consistently.


Paul plays with a lot of fire. I love to hear him play. Someday, if the planets ever get lined up right, maybe I'll get a chance to jam with him sometime. That would be a lot of fun.


Yep,great album that.


I have traded guitar technique advice for gear repairs with Paul from time to time . Getting in house lessons from Paul seems like a pretty good deal for me! I’m very fortunate .


Thanks everyone. Honestly I wasn’t sure if anyone would like that record. I’ve wanted to do it for a while and was glad I was able to get it done finally. The guitars I used were a mid 60s es125tdc with flats, the Synchroclub, acoustic arch top by Scott Heatley and an early 60s J45. Amps were a 5e3 clone and an Ampex head from the 50s. Not sure about the pedals though. Probably a touch of boss cs2 but not much else. Thanks again!!!



Very nice album...well played, historical, a tribute, and a refresher...

I still find Merle's one-finger/double thumb style pretty avant garde. I understand how Django's came out of need, but Merle's is extraordinarily home grown!

Muhlenberg County, KY?

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