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cool Who pix


How did he do that? This is a well known pix but still...

Anyway, from this early 70s pix got a pile of Hiwatt, and Entwistle is totally down with solid state Sunn.


There has to be a Circus Trapeze cable attached to Pete's back...if not, he could have been either a High Jumper, a Hurdler, or an NBA Star...!


I think the guy from Cheap Trick had good vertical, too.


Maybe he stepped off the top of his Hiwatt stack.

Michael Jordan ain't got that kind of vertical.


Looks to me like Roger hit him with his microphone and knocked him that far up off the ground! Rumor has it Pete filled his guitars with helium, that's how he got his "tone" Looks like it gave him some extra lift as well.


People try to hold him d-d-down.


Nils used to do a back flip off of a trampoline on stage while playing.


@ 10:30, Todd R takes a dive off of the top of the pyramid...

YES...there was a cable involved.

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