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Chuck Berry RIP


Just heard, Chuck Berry has passed away at 90. One of the greats. Thanks for all the tunes!


One of the greatest on the guitar tree who Influenced an amazing number of people. Too Much Monkey Business


An absolute titan of rock 'n' roll is gone. Another of my childhood heroes. Sad day.


RIp Chuck! As John Lennon said "If you tried to give Rock'n'Roll another name, you might call it 'Chuck Berry.'"


The greatest of all the rock and roll cats. I mean who hasn't played one his licks? Dear Dad and Deep Feeling are my favourites.


A sad day in music.


Too bad, but made it past 90, and had one hell of a life, when you come to think on it.

RIP, Charles Edward Anderson Berry Sr.


Yep... everything i liked about guitar came from Chuck!


If you were there, there are no words to describe the loss of Chuck.


Nooooo! Say it ain't so. Not that you couldn't see it coming. One of the last if not the last of the old chess roster guys. Say what ya will, there will never be another like him. RIP


Lots of people are posting his songs and covers..... He was an American original -- started it all. And a great guitar player that no one authentically copy.

But for me, I'll put this up.


Yes, a very sad day indeed to lose a legend of his ilk. I'm glad he had such a good long run.


RIP Chuck Berry. What a giant.. "Hail, Hail, Rock'n'Roll..."


I will play the Rock 'n Roll National Anthem (JBG) tonight in his honor.


RIp Chuck! As John Lennon said "If you tried to give Rock'n'Roll another name, you might call it 'Chuck Berry.'"

– Twom

As I posted in the thread in Misc Rumbles about inventing it:

I think every guitarist who plays a double stop owes it to Chuck.

Bye Bye Johnny! RIP


People rightly focus on his guitar playing. But for me it's true genius was as an incomparable lyricist. His ability to transform mundane every day scenarios into gorgeous little slices of poetic pie are on a par with Cole Porter or Gershwin. "Hurry home drops" - I mean come on if that doesn't put a lump in your throat nothing will.


RIP, Chuck! He was the real deal. The full package. He was Rock-n-Roll.


I don't think I could ever overestimate the importance of Chuck Berry on the development of popular music and the guitar in popular music.


I wonder if his new album was completely in the can? I hope so. Given the combination of his signature riffs, his visual lyrics, and his skin color at an unusual time in history pushing rock n roll to a bunch of white suburban kids,... I seriously doubt there will ever be another Chuck Berry.....at least not in the rock n roll genre. RIP Chuck.


I did this little tribute to Chuck a little over a year ago. His ability to write and perform those songs in his early days with such energy and style and combined with his unusual personality, superb intellect, and deep seated distrust for people just made him so interesting to me.


Bummer! But hey, he lived a long, full life.

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