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Chet’s Dynasonic Recordings


Pointless I guess but I've been trying to figure out Chet's 6120 Dynasonic recordings.

Albums such as the rerecord of Stringing Along w/(1955), In Three Dimensions, and A Session w/. According to many sources thanks to Paul Yandell and the Norm post D'Angelico pre Sealed Top 6120 would be the time period. But there are more tracks than just the albums sides.

So I was looking at the two Bear Family Box Sets: Gallopin' Guitar (4-CD) Chet Atkins: Mr. Guitar 1955-1960

I'm feeling a rough estimate would be the last disc of the first box set and the 1st two discs in the second set. Regardless if these are the 6120 with Dynas or possible the D'Angelico his tone on these three discs are what I'd consider his finest.

Last disc of first set track list:

1: Get Up And Go (& CHET ATKINS)
2: Pagan Love Song
3: Beautiful Ohio (vers. 2)
4: Down Hill Drag
5: Avalon
6: Sunrise Serenade
7: San Antonio Rose
8: Set A Spell (& RED KIRK)
9: Mister Misery (duet vocal)
10: Get Up And Go (& RED KIRK)
11: South
12: Alabama Jubilee
13: Corrine, Corrina
14: Indiana (Back Home In Indiana)
15: Red Wing
16: Frankie And Johnnie
17: A Gay Ranchero
18: Ballin' The Jack
19: Honeysuckle Rose
20: Darktown Strutters Ball (& HANK SNOW)
21: The Old Spinning Wheel (& HAND SNOW)
22: Silver Bells (& HANK SNOW)
23: Under The Double Eagle (& HANK SNOW)
24: The Birth Of The Blues
25: Have You Ever Been Lonely
26: Caravan
27: Old Man River
28: Mister Sandman
29: New Spanish Two Step

First two discs of second set: 1: Cherry Pink And Apple Blossom White
2: Dance With Me, Henry
3: Darling, Je Vous Aime Beaucoup
4: Tweedle Dee
5: Hey, Mr. Guitar (Hey, Mr. Banjo)
6: Unchained Melody
7: Tennessee Polka
8: Blues In The Night
9: Black Mountain Rag
10: Somebody Stole My Gal
11: Shine On Harvest Moon
12: Jingle Bells
13: Christmas Carols
14: Cecilia
15: Arrivederci, Roma
16: Sleigh Bells, Reindeer And Snow(pos.M.ATKINS)
17: New Spanish Two Step
18: Intermezzo
19: Tendery
20: Minute Waltz
21: Minuet
22: From French Harpsichord Suite, Prelude From
23: Six Short Preludes
24: Schön Rosmarie
25: Tip-Toe Through The Tulips With Me
26: Arkansaw Traveler
27: Little Rock Getaway
28: Ochi Chornya (Dark Eyes)
29: Londonderry Air
30: La Golondrina (The Swallow)
31: The Poor People Of Paris (Jean's Song)
32: Honey
33: The Poor People Of...(Jean's Song)(2nd ver.)
34: Honey (2nd version)
Chet Atkins - Mr. Guitar 1955-1960 (7-CD) Medium 2 1: The Lady Loves Me
2: New Spanish Two Step (& HANK SNOW)
3: Reminiscing (& HANK SNOW)
4: Memphis Blues
5: Oh! By Jingo
6: Hello Ma Baby
7: Indian Love Call
8: Alice Blue Gown
9: The Third Man Theme
10: Blue Gypsy
11: St. Louis Blues
12: Dance Of The Golden Rod
13: Unchained Melody
14: Gavotte In D
15: Malaguena
16: Glow Worm
17: In The Mood
18: Heartaches
19: Swedish Rhapsody
20: Waltz In A-Flat
21: Adelita
22: Petite Waltz
23: Liza
24: Trambone
25: Peanut Vendor
26: Blue Echo
27: Tricky
28: Martinique
29: Dig These Blues
30: Colonial Ballroom
31: Midnight


If you want to hear some REAL early Chet tunes go to YouTube and search "Chet Atkins radio transcriptions". Boy howdy they are some of Chet's best and earliest recordings. Now I know why he was getting fired all the time!!! Steve


Stringin' Along With Chet Atkins was my first Chet record to buy for my own. I still have it - the LP one that is listed as 1955. It would have been about that time when I got mine. I know there was an earlier version listed as a 10", that I have not had the opportunity to listen to. I don't want to get in a fizz about this, but I am reasonably sure in my own mind that several of the cuts on the LP that I have were recorded with the D'Angelico, and maybe one or two with the Gibson he played before he got the D'Angelico. I know the album is a good one. My favorite, as a matter of fact. Those first notes of O' By Jingo were enough to make my jaw drop the first time I heard it.

I remember Paul Yandell talking about that particular album and the re-recording. I should have paid more attention.

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