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Trying to find recordings of Guy Van Dusen. Google had nuthin'. (or I didn't search it correctly)

Chet Atkins said he's a great finger style picker. Guy Van Dusen arranged Stars & Stripes for Guitar that Chet played a lot. I need more of this style of playing.

I have Tommy Emmanual, Jerry Reed and Merle Travis. Any other's I'm missing out on?

Thanks all.


Live recordings of Guy in several of the threads linked here:




That's prolly why Google pulled up nothing on him.

Thanks SO much ~


I have heard Guy play many times and when he plays stuff like Sandman, Swedish Rhapsody, Petite Waltz; it takes a pretty keen ear to tell that it's not Chet. Of course, Guy's claim to fame is writing the arrangement to "Stars and Stripes Forever" for Chet. He apparently prefers to play acoustic classical guitar. He is not necessarily a classical player; but his arrangements and playing are top notch. He did a few sides with a clarinet that was sweet, sweet, sweet. Particularly, "Stars Fell On Alabama." I looked on Youtube, but I didn't find it on there. I have the CD but I can't put it up without his permission. There are quite a few youtube clips of his playing and others playing his arrangements. He's a great player.


Edited to say that the CD to which I am referring is "Guy Van Duser - American Finger Style Guitar." It is available from my friend, Steve Ledford, at http://www.funkyjunkmusic.com


You ought to listen to the CD's by Guy and Billy Novick! They play big band swing, just the two of them--guitar and clarinet. Amazing! One CD is titled simply: "Guy and Billy."



Guy and Novick on the penny whistle is likewise good stuf.

Also from Mel Bay

"Stride Guitar"

Guy Van Duser

7 tunes with standard music notation and tab... complete with CD with slow and normal speed

Excellent and a bit tuff

Quite a few tunes in dropped D

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