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Chet Atkins - What Is His Best Album?


No problem Richard,glad i could help sir.


I have Jere Uncapher's bibles on Chet's work. One is the complete discography of just his material in all forms and the other is other artists who's recordings he played on. Both books are about 1" thick. It's amazing how many other artist's he performed with. Chet used to refer people to Jere as he was considered THE authority, even by Chet.

– Windsordave

Hello All!

I just thought I'd come in and let you know that the store I work at just took in an original copy of the Chet Discography book. This one is from around 1987... We have it for sale here, or give us a call at 603 488-1912!




Jere made two discographies, one of Chet's own recordings and a second where he's the side man. I have both and got them from Jere IIRC, in the early '90's. These books are indeed a trove of information and well sorted into a variety of categories, including format types. A handy book for Chet nuts.

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