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Chet Atkins - What Is His Best Album?


There's a great Chet Atkins 2 disc compilation set called "The Great Chet Atkins". I think it comes from Australia. I originally bought it for "Georgia Camp Meeting" but it has tons of great Chet tunes on it, especially his wonderful early stuff.


This is great! Thank you guys for pointing me in the right direction and please keep the suggestions coming. I'm going to eventually try to sample everyone's suggestions and see which CD's jump out at me. I know for sure one of them will have to be one of the Jerry Reed albums because he's another player that blows my mind.

From what I've listened to so far it seems I'm initially gravitating to his more country styled albums with that great Gretsch sound. I know for sure that could easily morph into his other adventures since once I get into an artist I start to understand and appreciate where they were coming from and where they took their music.

Travis style playing has always eluded me. I'm hoping this new interest in Chet Atkins will open up my neural pathways!


he has released around 142 albums! - BuddyHollywood<

Incredible output! That's like 1,400 recorded pieces under his name alone. I'm totally flabbergasted...

– General_Lee

I have Jere Uncapher's bibles on Chet's work. One is the complete discography of just his material in all forms and the other is other artists who's recordings he played on. Both books are about 1" thick. It's amazing how many other artist's he performed with. Chet used to refer people to Jere as he was considered THE authority, even by Chet.


Chet was just about the nicest celebrity I've ever met! He seemed shy about everyone's praise of his music and was more than generous with his time meeting fans and signing autographs. Just a great player and a NICE guy!


Mister Guitar signing Duojet55's 6120. He truly was a "Country Gentleman"!


What the one where he's holding a late 50s Filter Tenny?


"Chet Atkins' Workshop" (RCA LSP-2232).


JCHiggy that's a great website. There's so much stuff on there and not just Atkins, thanks for posting it.


I always wondered about that dark area between the bridge and the pickup on that cover

That's also a very risky way to lean a guitar (the one in the back)


When I was growing up and Chet was putting out 2 albums a year, thereabouts, I was always scouring the record store shelves to see if a new one had come in. It never did matter, if it was by Chet I bought it. Back in those days it seemed that there was always something different about him that I had never heard before. Maybe a new sound, but usually a different lick. Also, back in those days it seemed that every tune always had a seemingly impossible lick at the end. Always different. He never used the same ending lick twice. Over the years I accumulated over a hundred of his albums, but with loaning out, etc., there are very few of them left in my collection. Someday I need to inventory and catalog them, but I would guess I have 30-40 left.

Just a side note. I spent the afternoon with Chet's Grandson one day when I was in Nashville. He showed me around his workplace and we had such a wonderful visit. He told me he was trying to find copies of all of his Grand daddy's recordings. I told him that at one time I had a rather large collection, but he would be welcome to browse through what I have left and if there was something there that he didn't have, he would be welcome to it. No one else would have that privilege, but as much as those albums mean to me, I knew that it would mean so much more to him.


WB - "my favorite Chet Atkins recording are on this set on JSP records"

I just bought this set off of Amazon. It seems like a great place to start. Thanks Walter!


I like the JSP set, but it is almost overkill, for me. My favorite one is Guitar Legend: The RCA Years. Not an album, I know, but a great sampling of his big hits from 1947 through the mid 1970's.


Billy Zoom - "Anything with Dynasonics."

I noticed I'm gravitating towards his earlier tone.


Buddy, absolutely. I like his earlier stuff best, with all due respect for a genius guitar player, from the late 50's on the guitar tone and arrangements are a little too smooth for my taste, dare I say "elevator music"....?


I have heard people say that Chet never did like the dynasonics, but for my taste, I thought some of his best tones came from the dynas.


I know it's later on in his career but "Chester and Lester" really revived both players careers. It still holds up really well after all that time.


I have so many favorite Chet albums it's very hard to select just a few. My dad got into Chet during the 60s because of my grandfather. Both of them are gone now so there's a lot of emotional attachment for me to certain songs.

I really do love some of the early albums that have been mentioned here. Stringin' Along With, Finger Style, and At Home stick out in my mind right now.

I love his mid 60s stuff too Down Home and Guitar Country stick out right now in my mind.

So, being 33 now all this stuff was "old" music when I was a kid. While my buddies were working on the chords to Smells Like Teen Spirit we'd all stop and listen to my dad play Windy and Warm and ask him to show us that but we could never get it.

I'm pretty "young" for a Chet fan but was a freshman in high school when Almost Alone came out. Chet did an instructional video with most of those songs and I remember by father working on a lot of those right before he died. It took me a LONG time to listen to that album again, but it's actually really good stuff. So I'd even recommend that one. I feel fortunate being alive when a NEW Chet album came out too.

The two Bear Family box sets are also fantastic!


Fingerstyle - I wore it out cause it's the only Chet LP we had.

Thank you very much Dad for having the patience to buy a needle every month.


Almost Alone is still in my rotation. I bought the Solo Sessions dual CD set at the convention when they were first made available. Conchieta and I listened to it all the way home from Nashville, about a 12 hour drive. I had big tears most of the time. It all seemed so intimate, and then when you realize that he actually made those recordings for Leona to listen to after he was gone, you can understand the intimacy, and how he was able to transfer that to the recordings is amazing.


Whilst Chet will be forever linked to Gretsch, his early stuff (for me some of his best) was played on this:-


JCHiggy, that is Freddie's site. He revamped it a few years ago and changed the name (was Freddie's Chet Atkins site or similar).

I downloaded a few old and no longer available albums from Freddie over 10 years ago. His album list is excellent.

I've been subscribed to GOJ for years but haven't looked at his site lately so thanks for the reminder.

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