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Chet and Floyd Cramer Reincarnate


This is one of the good examples of how a musician's music lives on. Back in the '60's Chet Atkins and Floyd Cramer collaborated with each other and also on solo arrangements to make some of the best instrumental music of that era.

Now comes Meagan Taylor/Anderson, who is Chet's grand niece, his sister Billie Rose's grand daughter, and Jason Coleman, Floyd Cramer's grand son. Meagan is doing a great job in playing Chet's style of guitar and you would be hard pressed to tell the difference in Jason and his Grand Daddy. It is uncanny. Their music lives on.

This is a performance with The La Grange Symphony in La Grange, GA. It is a recent performance.

Freight Train and Let It Be Me


That was nice.


That was very good Richard, I was hooked on Floyd the first time I heard "Last Date", I just love his slip note style. The album that Chet had with Freight Train on it hooked me on Chet!


It is amazing to me how well Jason has mastered his Grand Daddy's style. That's what he calls him, btw. You can play Jason's version of Last Date, and then immediately play Floyd's version, and for me at least, I would not be able to tell the difference. I might hear a difference in the overall tone of the recordings, but as far as the playing style, it is very close. Jason has a great stage presence about him also. Very relaxed and confident. As is Meagan. She is a sweet girl that has fun when she is on stage. She laughs a lot.


Y'know, Floyd didn't create the style. Chet heard it on a demo on a song from Don Robertson. Sent the tape to Floyd and told him to learn how to play that way. Floyd did and "Last Date" followed soon after. (source: 'Country Gentleman' pp190)

'Last Date' is what got it pegged as "Floyd Cramer style."


I'd love to see a video of Meagan up close so I could see what kind of Gretsch she was playing, was that a 6122-64 doublecut?


I wondered about that and I think it might be one of the Gibson Gents. It doesn't appear to have head binding or a plaque on the peghead.

Some Chetaholics hang on to the gibsons because they figure since Chet used them until he died it meant he thought they were the superior guitar.

He loved the gibson electric classic but was less enthused about the country gent by gibson. But contracts are contracts...

"...I remember one time, after he went with Gibson, saying to him something about recording with the old Country Gentleman and he didn't want to. I think he felt it was dishonest to use it after going with Gibson. One day, years after he went with Gibson and I was playing a Gibson Country Gentleman too, I was over at his office and I said, " You know Chet that Gibson Country Gentleman doesn't have as good of tone as your old Gretsch Country Gentleman." He replied "Well, don't tell anybody."..."

__Paul Yandell cgp


I couldn't see Meagan's guitar up close, but she has a Gibson Tennessean that her Uncle Chester gave her for her birthday a few years back. It probably is that one.


I agree. The sentimental mojo would be too overwhelming for her Not to use that.


Wow, I had no idea this existed! I love it!



Thank you for the smile that will be on my face for the rest of the day. I really enjoyed that.

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