Modern Gretsch Guitars

Tennessee Rose… Indiana snow


After spending 3 hours with the snow blower, it was great to grab a beer and spend some quality time with my Tennessee Rose.

It has been a couple months since this guitar has been out of its case. It never fails to impress me. Such a fine instrument.

I snapped a quick picture and thought that I'd share it here. Stay warm out there!



Sweet, I've always wanted one of those, or the "FT" version with the brown color.

The few that I've had the chance to play were just so comfortable to play. Love that thin Electrotone body.

Sweet guitar, nice pic!


Speaking of Indiana snow…


Tommy, That was absolutely awesome.



Oh, Lordy, HOW I miss that sweet, good, amazing man and his music! DANG! Thanks for posting that video again.

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